Ada Lovelace. The first programmer, long before modern computers were a thing.

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    Lovelace owns. Wish people would talk about her more, especially in school. For devs it's not super useful because of how different devving is now but still a very cool person
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    Actually, she was not the first programmer. That was Charles Babbage. But that's nothing feminists like to hear.
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    @Fast-Nop Like m1sf3t said, Babbage is credited with the computer, but Lovelace is credited as the mother of programming for recognizing that computers could do more than simply compute
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    @remove32 @M1sf3t not even that. "Her" programs show large fragments of what Babbage had already been "programming" years earlier. Maybe she could have done more if she hadn't died that early, but she's completely over-hyped.

    Had Lovelace been a man, she would have stayed a footnote. The only thing that made her special was that she was a woman.
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    First programmer
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    She was also gorgeous from what I've seen.

    Idk maybe oil paintings are just my fetish.
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