This is from “The boys”, any idea what language this suppose to be 🤣 (or maybe it exists and I’m a freaking ignorant) 🧐

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    Looks like a mashup of XML-DTD and some other shit.
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    Just looks like HTML to my untrained eye
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    Haters will say it's fake
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    @simonblack ahhhh pseudocode
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    The language is called nonexistent. They created it just for that show. They use multiple languages as base.
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    They created a fugly language then. Gross.
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    But did they find a signal?
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    @milkybarkid can you hack the Internet with HTML should be either a movie or a game
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    I tried to debug it based on various languages syntax.
    What i deduced from it:
    -Multiline comment: html
    -Single line comment : shell script
    -It supports internationalisation or localization
    -its in the loop till it finds the signal
    - and it's all bullshit
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