Had my algorithms and data structures lab this week... 6pm-9pm

No one sat next to me or talked to me... probably cause I’m the only girl in the class :/

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    Give them time to warm up. They'll eventually be fighting to sit next to you...because you're the only girl in the class.
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    One of them will leave their comfort zone before long. Give it time.
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    Once one of them start making the move, all of them will
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    I'll wait for your rant when all of them coming to you.
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    Yeah, it certainly had nothing to do with the fact that you're a wolf.
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    You must establish dominance and your alpha uber nerd status. Godspeed.
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    I'd give anything for that.. o.O
    Why do people always assume all girls like to chitchat?!
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    @sladuled haha I usually wouldn’t mind but it’s a bit lonely after 3hrs and I’d want at least 1 acquaintance to ask a question if I’m not sure 😅
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    @lunawolf you know you could've picked one and started asking stuff
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    @electrineer will for next time
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