What's your favourite song while you develop a software that you can listen on loop?

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    Matrix' Furious Angels and Clubbed to Death

    Welcome to the Game 2 main menu theme

    Thriller fury weekend remix

    Britney spear's circus, womanizer

    Panic! At the disco

    Wherever I go from banana

    Alto sync The plan

    Anything mysterious or ominous really, and sometimes just lady gaga
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    Hurt - Nine Inch Nails
    The Rains of Castamere
    Honeythief - Halou
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    Linkin Park - bleed it out.
    Actually, any of there songs will do
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    Probably Miracle from Caravan Palace. I like bouncy songs as they make me feel like dancing every time I finish a feature 😊
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    Skyrim OST, Deus Ex Human Revolution and Mankind Divided OSTs, Blade Runner (both of them) OSTs, etc.

    If I had to pick one (or two) songs it would be The Mole or TYM Penthouse from DXHR (there are 10 hour loops of both on YT, lol)
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    Anything from Rammstein, the offspring, flogging molly...
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    "The Halting Problem" by Turing. Great song, will be on repeat forever. I think...
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    Hole "Pretty On the Inside."
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    I don't have one song. But I generally listen to Interstellar and shenmue OST.
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    I mean it really depends. Most of the time I find myself listening to

    The Super Mario Galaxy OST (and other video game sound tracks but Mario galaxy is so beautifully relaxing and amazing)

    Lofi hip-hop


    Some electronic/dubstep

    But I don’t listen to a lot of rock or metal or anything that could distract me normally unless it’s a chill adding a feature or two type session.
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    i like listening to some dubstep/electronic, a little rock, maybe rap, it’s all good
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    Constantly changes as i discover new music, but currently, it’s Fear Inoculum by Tool. I usually play entire albums, though.
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    @C0D4 that brings back the memories. I used to be a huge LP fan when I was younger. Bleed it out is probably one of their catchiest songs!

    I don’t really like their recent pop direction. I still blast The Hunting Party once in a while, though.
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    @RantSomeWhere I'm a fan - the get to the live concerts type 🤗 - but yea after a thousand suns, they went a bit sideways

    Although. One more light (the single) feels closer to home, even if it's a tragic one 😪
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    @C0D4 back in the day, A Thousand Suns was my favorite. I loved the concept of the album, I’d even describe it as a prog album.

    THP was great as well since they moved back to their traditional sound. But, other than that, their more recent output is not my cup of tea.

    Yes, what happened to the band after the release of one more light is so sad! And the fact that the single itself foreshadows Bennington’s death is so tragic.

    Do they plan to continue as a band?
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    @RantSomeWhere they seem to have gone quiet after that.

    Mike did a Asia tour this year but beyond that, silence.

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    @C0D4 that’s so sad.
    Alexa, play Hybrid Theory.
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    Reloaded Installer #7 or #15 by LHS on youtube
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    Anything of the following artists: Rejecta, D-Sturb, Malice (the raw duo from Italy, not the metal band), NCrypta, Luminite, Radical Redemption, Riot Shift, Enemy Contact and quite a few more...

    As long as it's raw hard style/rawstyle I'm usually good 😁
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