Ive been working with APIs in web dev for a couple of months now and now I think Im ready to make my own. However, im not really what what I should make an API for. Any ideas?

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    Data API? For that you first need data.

    Or maybe some kind of conversion or processing API?
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    @joas I have a good amout of microcontrollers/rasberry pis around my house. Do u think a good project would be making a API with the data from those?
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    Perhaps a troll api? Or a useless api for fun? 😛

    Like the touppercase api or the capitalize api
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    Try making a github app; no GUI required, and it has to respond to very specific github webhooks.

    The webhooks are well documented and it has the potential for wide usage. The hardest part is probably authenticating as a github application, which is probably already built for you if you want to look for it.
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    Make an API that can deliver mockdata as requested by user.
    You have some basic fields like "first name", "last name", "company name", address info etc and the user can design its own format in which you return the format with mock data.
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    @Codex404 mock as a service?
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    You can try recreating one of these:
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    Thank you for the recommendations! I think i'm going to try to make a REST API with node.js and mongoDB. Im planning on posting another rant soon to keep you guys updated. Thank you!
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