I answered my first question on Stackoverflow!
I feel like a true dev now 😁

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    Now watch it get voted down? ;)
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    I guess that's another milestone, isn't it?
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    Wut is that STACKOVERFLOW?
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    Posting and answering before the auto -- is triggered does not count.
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    @Override Don't stop now. Keep answering.
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    A downvote is actually an upvote if you live in Australia.
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    @sudocode I do, and it's not, unless we live on a flat earth, then I'm just on the other side - but then it's not longer flat... oh god I just broke the universe here.
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    @C0D4 Haha, I have so many comments about flat earthers but let's not hijack this post mate. Australia is cool though, will come there if I ever wanna die 👍
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    In before 50% of the text gets edited.
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