New neighbor came in yesterday, she cute, and apparently she also goes to the same college as me, though... when she came in last night to thank me she thought I was doing something illegal

Neighbor: "What are those?"
Me: "Lemme ex-"
Neighbor: "Are you doing [hacky hacky uwu]?"
Me: "First before you get the wrong-"
Neighbor: "I'm call-"
Me: "This is a fucking weather sattelite reciever ffs"

[Awkward silence]

Fast forward to today, landlady came in and immediately recognized my weather sattelite rig (I did it for a science fair before I graduated SHS), told neighbor she shouldn't worry because I have stuff like this everyday

God, if it wasn't for our landlady, I would have the police in my ass for neighbors getting the wrong idea...

Seriously nani the fuck

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    To thank you for what?
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    Twist in the plot: (Spoiler alert)

    The OP and the landlord are both hackers and the cute neighbor is safe no more. The next day, the police find her dead in her bed with no clothes and with a message carved on her stomach - "She saw too much!", and the "landlord" and the "not a hacker" have fled to Russia.

    Stay tuned for Season 2 of Hacker Files.

    Disclaimer: That was obviously not true. The OP and the landlord are very good people.
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    I wouldnt call someone cute if they tried calling the pc on me
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    For me, they always think I'm an alien..
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    The moment I pull up Git Bash or Kali, they instantly think you’re down with F-Society here in NYC.

    Doesn’t help when the AT&T building is nearby too and you’re just chillin’ in a coffee shop fucking around with packets and code...
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    Why would you care if she's cute? I mean, I definitely don't care if the dude living next door is sexy or not, just that he should be cool and not a jerk.
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    hacky hacky uwu 😂
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    Makes me think of:


    > Queen - A Kind of Magic (Official Video)
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    @Nanos didn't knew that was Queen music.
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    This is why I don't bother bringing an SDR and antenna through an airport.

    Two perfectly legal things that would get me in a ton of trouble.
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    @irene This is your fault smh
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    @evilian Laughed at this.
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    "Yeah, so let me hack in peace or you will be the next 'scandal' [RandomName]. I'll tell the world what stuff you search in google..."

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    @legacy07 that thought hit me to lol
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    This is my favorite part about Programming. The way those luddites or commoners react when your doing some work.
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    @RanSS9 Some work, or just playing games
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    @zoridan both actually mr smart ***.
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    @caramelCase show us your weather sattelite rig!
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