To all developers who think "I don't need to delete that one 1KB temp file"


You are not the only garbage developer who does not clean his shit up. The reason we need TERA FUCKING BYTE storage devices nowadays is because you incompetent shit heads have no idea how an application has to properly work. A temp file is not there to exist for ever. HENCE THE FUCKING WORD TEMPORARY

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    Temporarily permanent.

    I just finished cleaning up a "temp" file issue this week for a project.😔
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    @C0D4 permanently temporary :)
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    Acutally would someone know if extfs has some sort of flag that would mark a file temporary / to be deleted at next restart?
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    Temporary workarounds tend to be permanent though..
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    0 0 * * * find /tmp -mtime +1 -type f -delete

    have a nice day
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    @vane yea that would work, if all of those "developers" would save "temporary" files in /tmp or in the Temp folder of the current logged in user.

    It's a fucking mess and those people should be ashamed of their garbage
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    It's like this
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    @Asbetha Well you can’t fix the world but you can make it a little bit nicer and it’s better then doing nothing.
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    I get it.. it's messy n all.. but if the 1k files are the reason you need tb drives, you have too many damn programs installed.
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    1kB files? Hah. My colleagues save 1GB simulation result files. One guy had stuff from 3 years ago. I asked where the fuck was this-and-this results file from. They guy didn't know, but "it's good to have those around in case I need them".

    Ended up filling the UNIX disks, crashing everyones work and killing the servers. The guy had like hundereds of those. He had no idea what for and from where they were.

    Modern day horders.
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    Heh, I was supporting a Sun system that had a legacy web site running on it. It started to bog down. So I went looking at the logs. It had 20 years worth of logs on this computer. The system only had like 6GB of space and most of that was log files. It logged every time someone went to a page, or every time an ajax script updated the weather. I deleted the majority of those logs and it magically started running really fast.
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    So developers DO know how to clear those temp files.
    My win drives used to be full of them so i just thought that developers just didn't know how to do it. Infact they were just being lazy. 😱
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    They came as temps but got hired permanently
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    @K4R71K well, devs who work on limited disk space < 10GB know how important it is to delete files that have no place after use.

    Devs who own TB drives for purely dev, don't clean up after them selves.
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    Worts when this file is commit in git XD
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    Well, Microsoft devs in particular rely on the fact that Windows servers have to be restarted on a daily basis, so their temp folders get cleared on a daily basis. Why write / maintain extra code when you dont have to!
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    There are poor underprivileged embedded devices that have one or maybe even half a KB of flash memory IN TOTAL and these rich webdevs waste memory like no tomorrow.

    Really makes me tear up.
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    @Pyjong Nope, for example in linux the /tmp directory is cleaned by a service on start-up.
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    @Jifuna was just about to say this. Its not hard to get rid of temp files, just store them in the right place

    I believe windows also has a temp folder
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    When you do a dump, you flush.
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