Don't Prepare to become a dinosaur

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    Are you saying I can finally live out my childhood dream of becoming a Velociraptor and all I have to do is refuse to learn anything new?!
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    This is different.
    We will not need masses of application developer to start writing machine learning algorithms.
    People will still mostly be writing applications
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    Dinosaurs that code in cobol are old. And earn a shit load of cash.
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    @h3ll Totally agree. The one on Udacity is boring as well.
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    @undefined had a project where my teammates were taking a COBOL class at the same time. They were always working on their homework. Always
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    @Letmecode That moment passed before I could do a screenshot
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    @Letmecode Yessssssssssss ! Do share! You can tweet it to me @youprat. 😁
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    They're comparing languages with concepts/applications/algos.. 😂
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