My boss likes to measure the spacing between DOM elements using a ruler to make sure everything is proportional.

I forgot to remove some padding on an element so it wasn't exactly centered, so he comes in and says...

"the padding on the site is off, I think you need to use this" *drops ruler on desk*

Now I have to keep this stupid ruler on my desk because whenever I forget to align something he says... "that's why I gave you the ruler"

Too difficult to explain to these subhumans that I don't need a ruler to write proper css

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    It's hilarious just imaging him putting the ruler against his monitor and leaning in to read it.
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    Hmmmmm the button on the left seems to be about 2px higher than the button on the right. Aren't you using the ruler I gave you?
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    @sylar182 you mean 3mm. Now how many pixel fit 3mm
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    @Lisanna "mechanical engineering" to verify that the car was safe

    LOL I'm dead
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    There is a really good Chrome extension for this
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    Use Compass: rhythm(ruler)
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    You should make a ruler using pixels as a unit of measure and give it to him.
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    Chrome extensions for measuring:
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