"Well technically.. you don't even really work, right?"


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    "Yeah, the code just writes itself, and I get paid several times the minimum wage for that."
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    Or "oh you play with computers all day?"
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    It’s even worse for game devs. And the comments are always from people who don’t know how to do the simplest thing with any device even though all they have to do it google it and follow the instructions.
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    @FastFwd00 Just show them something as simple as the math behind a raycast hit and tell them that there are things 100x more complicated.
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    Them: Well technically.. you don't even really work, right?

    Dev: Actually I think abstractly and objectify the world into a class system. For example I just dynamically casted you from a person to a dumb ass. Then I marked this conversation for the GC.
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    I am glad I never had to experience comments like this. Yet another reason to avoid social contact.
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    @nitwhiz @inGeneral
    So true.
    Germany loves black box. Then blames it on the magic.
    Later on the devs. But no nono moneee. You just play around all day and do nothing.
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