I don't judge people based on race, color or gender.
I judge people based on the software they use.

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    Beware when they bring out the torches and pitchforks πŸ˜‚
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    and whether they use shortcuts
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    How about not judging people at all?
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    @codepoet not funny.
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    @c2wiki I didn't say it was funny.
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    I judge people on their indenting preference: tabs or spaces πŸ€“

    Hint: Tabs use less many and are less time consuming πŸ˜‡
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    I judge by their code
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    I judge people based on if they give me wine
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    Fucking softwarist
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    Did you just assume my software?!?!
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    It's 2017 people can use whatever software they like regardless of their hardware!
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    @JeniEm you`re looking for a Frenchman!
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    I judge people on their use of desktop icons.
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    I judge people by if what comes out of their mouth is real or they're just bullshitting to look smart. Beyond that, tabs for days.
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    @bahua do you have icons in your desktop?
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    I judge people based on whether they judge other people
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    To add onto OP, I judge people so hard when I see this in their downloads folder:
    "download.file (1)"
    "download.file (2)"
    "download.file (3)"
    "download.file (16)"
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    @codepoet you can't not judge. It's literally impossible for a human being.

    Aside of that - most people are complete idiots and differentiating between them and the normal human kind is essential for mental survival.
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    And which OS they use or whether they use GUI or command line.
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    @codepoet Why not judge people? Is it not natural to judge someone so that you can form an opinion on them? You can't have a generic approach on everyone. Because everyone is an individual and has an individual personality.
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    Mysql (Didn't try postgresql yet)
    Python (Didn't try ruby yet)
    Not much public activity on github/lab yet because I dont feel like anything I've done so far would benefit anyone.

    Do I pass?
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    @akasoggybunz Generally CLI tools when possible! Coreutils provide a really solid foundation and simply lays waste to most CMD/Powershell-alternatives. Among userland-software, Vim, Tmux/screen, Trello and a distributed VCS like Git makes for a good day of productivity and minimal gui/mouse usage. All of these are available on MacOS as well :)
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