1 - Please hack his/her facebook account for me.

2 - (at home) I used to block wifi access by mac filtering and if there's legit server down and wifi isn't working, everyone blames me.

(I am freelancer and mostly work from home)

3 - almost all of my relatives think I don't work.

4 - I am first choice for everyone's phone, PC and hardware repair.

This one is classic

GET A REAL JOB, you need to go out in the field for work.

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    >please hack Facebook account for me

    oh lord. i hate that the word "hack" has become synonymous to "getting the password sneakily".
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    @NerdyPepper I had some weird encounter with people, I remember this one time, one of my school friend insisted me to hack his girlfriend's Facebook account. I told him it's almost impossible and even if I could I would never do it. He kept insisting, till date he thinks I didn't help him and I'm too arrogant.
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    Ah the good old, 'If its not trades its not a real job' argument.

    I'd like to see a plumber, an electrician or a welder make the software they use to make their job possible.
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    > Finds facebook left on auto login when using friend's computer.

    > Posts "I love man butt" to their wall

    > Messages you...

    > Check out Steve's facebook man, I totally hacked it!
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    @smirving well unauthorized access is hack. So, you're not wrong there.
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