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So my programming teacher knows his shit, but is pretty bad at explaining it.

I can already see some of the other students, especially the ones without prior programming-experience, flunking this class.

Today spent most of the class talking about 2-complement and the functions in math.h.
I think we didn't even learn about reusing code with functions, or structs.

I use some of my time, helping the other students getting through this somehow.

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    Why not skip the lecture and self-learn then?
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    I'm at a trade school, you can't simply skip lectures like at college, since your company pays you to be there.
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    The best coders are usually the worst at explaining how they do it.

    My best analogy I can't think of is "Brett" from "The Phoenix Project". If you haven't read it, you definitely should.

    Part of the story: (not a spoiler) Brett goes into a trance when he's fixing a problem and can't tell anyone what he did to fix the issue. Someone looking in from the outside sees him as the main issue because he has too much knowledge that he can't share and everyone depends on him too much.
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