People want AI,ML, Blockchain implementation in their projects very badly and blindly and expect developer to just get it done no matter how stupid something sounds.


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    Don't forget MMORPG, Minecraft clone, etc
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    "People" - you mean management dumbfucks that read an article written by someone with "thought leader" as a job title and learned a new buzzword.

    Blockchain in particular is a solution looking for a problem in most contexts
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    @unsignedint In a span of just six months been part of two blockchain projects which were not needing blockchain at all, just because of the management and the so called clients who, in my opinion have fear of missing out.
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    Have heard of my new Blockchain powered deep learning assisted AI deployed on cloud which autonomously predicts the current time with computer vision?

    --every other undergrad project this year at my uni.
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    I guess if adding blockchain helps the sales then the problem isn't with the tech companies. It's their customers.

    If you watch reality TV, then they'll keep shoveling that shit. Same with IT. "So, you'll buy our CMS if it uses Blockchain? OK. Give us a month." Rational decision.
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    No joke! But ML, Blockchain is not ever mentioned by them. The buzzword is AI and nothing can convince them that what they want is Business Analytics, and is something completely different.
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