It's somewhat nice here. The thing is we have a lot of infrastructure problems and it's hard to implement business here which made it hard to find a job. But if you're working with US clients, it's fine. Internet access and electricity is not reliable, but you can find a workaround.
As a consumer of digital services, it's weird as we're pretty close to the US (2 hours flight) and there's not an embargo against us, but payment processing services won't touch us (legalization is awful for them), so good luck paying with any local issued card. And if anything is country restricted, we're right next to Cuba (Again, legalization). Paypal, Spotify, iTunes, most of Netflix, a few cloud providers.

Yeah, that's it. Right next to the US and no embargo and willingness to learn other languages (Easy to find French, English and Spanish speaker), but with big infrastructure problems (Internet and Electricity) so you can be really qualified and not get a job.
I'm in Haiti.

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    damn what the fuck, I refreshed and you changed your avatar drastically haha

    I wonder, do you like many others in similar countries VPN or remote desktop?
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    @JoshBent. There's not a lot of restrictions. The only restrictions are financial. Some of my friends use Vpn (free plan) to access Spotify (Free plan).
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    @skydhash well not having financial ground online is reason enough to try to find some alternatives too.

    Is there any workaround to literally not having e. g. PayPal as an escape? for example registering some account internationally and then just using that issued card?
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    I've done that and some of my friends just use a relation's address in the US to create their PayPal account
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