Today we had our first standup. We sat for all 90+ mins of it. The irony. Maybe the standing part isn’t that important? Or maybe it went for 90 mins because we weren’t standing? Sigh. Save me.

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    The 2nd is more play probable.
    Standups are done standing, because few want to stand in the same place, for more than 10 minutes.
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    90+ mins ??? Wtf?? How many people are in your team?
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    Ok, good thing it's the first time.
    Now get that damn 90 down to 10-15 minutes (depending on team size and concurrent projects)

    Its a painful thing to get into the habit of, but give it a month or two and actually contribute more then "stuff"
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    I only faced daily standups belonging to one of these two categories:

    1. Everyone on the team is closely collaborating anyway, and thus the standup is completely pointless.

    2. Everyone works more or less on their own stuff that is of little to no concern to the work of the others, thus the standup is completely pointless.

    The only people I found to benefit from them are superficial management positions such as Scrum Masters or Project Managers, those spend their days in meetings and it's one of the few chances they get to gather ANY info on what's going on in the team at all.

    Thus, I feel it's just a misnomer, if you would call it daily role call, that'd be much closer to the truth of it.

    But maybe I've just been unlucky.
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    @metamourge That's what i thought.
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    Yeah, where I come from thats not a standup, that's a meeting/planning
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