Sorry if this isn't very dev related:

Does anybody know any good freelancing websites for artists, illustrators, ui/ux designers, etc. ?

I've seen upwork, but they're so uptight they don't accept everyone.

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    where are you from?

    those platforms the competition is big so here is an idea to get gigs on ypur own. use https://ocean.io to find companies with shity websites and pitch them the idea of a new website. Logistics and mechanic Industry have particularly bad websites.
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    99designs, my mate works here
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    @heyheni That's a cool idea. thanks. Also, Iran
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    For graphics stuff I would say go for 99designs. You can enter in contests as well as get projects. I personally done some freelancing over there. Overall experience is great.
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    I used designcrowd a couple of times, worked really well.
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