Stop talking trash about developer tools!

Vim is FAST

Visual Studio is RESPONSIVE

Eclipse is EFFICIENT


Android Studio


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    Xcode is a piece of shit
    Android Studio at least runs properly given the resources it needs
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    Trying that JavaScript meme for Android studio ? Nah Android studio is ❤️, js is shit (#unpopularOpinion)
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    Everything but the vim part appears to be a joke
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    @FrodoSwaggins Maybe OP just miscategorised his post?
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    For those I have some familiarity with:

    Visual Studio is EAGER.
    Eclipse is ... EXCITING.
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    I find Eclipse's ability to corrupt its own hidden state _especially_ exciting.
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    Yeah, Chrome is LIGHTWEIGHT.
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    Vim actually is very fast
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    Everyday life of an Android Studio developer
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    Hold on a second? XCode is powerful?? Which fucking universe you live in? Man I saw that shit freeze and crash on a macbook pro A FUCKING MAC BOOK PRO!
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    You're using the meme wrong.
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    And Netbeans is... insufferable.
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    Isn't Android Studio just IntelliJ IDEA with Android plugin?
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    @hilmifuadi that picture is so much relatable bro!😖
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    Xcode insists on downloading a 200 gb update every time I want to use it :|

    Android Studio EXISTS
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    IntelliSense is bullshit. You're not "kewl" for using Vim. Also, fuck IntelliJ. Eclipse'll do.
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    So y’all just going to ignore Notepad? 😂😂
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    @halfflat VS used to be okay-ish, now I find it to be unbearably slow and bloated. Compilation times are insane, loading projects takes far too long considering it ought to be just reading in files (from an ssd, mind), sometimes the syntax highlighting craps itself completely...and really, what is this piece of software supposed to do that I can't do in Sublime + a command line? The only purpose I have for it is debugging, thats it.
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    Norton Editor. Blazing fast.
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    All yall normies

    Use nano ok
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    Visual Studio responsive, what does that mean?
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    @mcalis True, I don't feel like running the entire stack on a behemoth, better have individual smaller tools instead.
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    @mcalis the 2019 update made it a lot faster in every way. Still not fast enough for me but it spends significantly less time loading stuff I wouldn't use.
    I'm not afraid of config files though so I use vscode.
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    "Eclipse is efficient" baahahahajajahahahahahahahahahahahajajajajajaj baaàaaaaaaahahahahahahajajajaj
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    @telephantasm Vim isn't cool, but the key bindings are fucking gold!
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    Visual Studio regularly runs out of memory while builind and deploying my current project, because, in 2019 it is still capped at 2GB RAM because of 32 bit architecture.
    It may be many things, but responsive it ain't.
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    You know, real coders use ed?
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