Found this gem on spiceworks.
Below transcript was sent to poster by someone

My workplace and a twenty three year-old phone app developer:
Them (on phone): Can you send me a clicker carpet with the laptop?
Me: ...
Me: a what now?
Them: Clicker. Carpet.
Me: A ... clicker carpet.
Them: Yes
Me: What the. what is a clicker carpet?
Them: You know the clicker. The thing that moves the arrow on the
Me: ...
Me: A mouse?
Them: No, the clicker. (Sends me an image of a mouse) This.
Me: That's called a mouse.
Them: I need a carpet for one of those.
Me:. A mouse pad
Them: The clicker carpet.
Me: It's a fffff. it's called a mouse pad. The clicker is a mouse. The
thing under it is a pad. MOUSE. PAD
Them: You old people and your made-up technical names.
Me: No, it's always been mouse and mouse pad.

Them: I have text messages with friends that says otherwise.
Me: The Desktop team is sending you a MOUSE PAD with the laptop.
Them: My friends and I are on the cusp of eliminating the PC with the
cellphone, by the ways. So I may only use the laptop for like year or so.
Me (under my breath): You and your friends are idiots.
Them: What?
Me: What? Are we done?
Them: Yes what?
Me: *hangs up*
Everyone was looking at me by the end of the call. I got louder the longer
I talked to this guy. When I told them about phones replace PCs, our main
dev was like, "Do they expect hours programming shit on the cellphone?
This kid is stupid."
Thanks for validating my feelings.

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    devrant clicker carpets when /s
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    This needs 20 upvotes
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    A clicker carpet ... that's cute and all, but I'm pretty sure when it was invented it was called a mouse.
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    Clicker carpet... lol
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    So, next comes the flying clicker carpet?

    Imagine some years from now the same scenario where they replaced the cloud with the galaxy 🤦‍♂️ zomgs
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    What? I actually expect to do programming one day on smartphone. Boot up arm based gnu/Linux distro, connect to big monitor, connect peripherals... and hack away :)
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    I think we must have missed the show on Netflix called The Adventures of Cyber Alladin and Clicker Carpet. Hmmm...in this story the bad guys are PC people and app dev is the only hero with his clicker carpet found at Radio Shack store.
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