On Facebook open day:

Graduate dev lady telling a story about how much responsibility they are given and how she broke the password reset button for hours when her task was to instruct old users with weak passwords to update them...

//my first post, so not sure if it's appropriate, but surely did this come as a shock

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    Welcome! Just wondering, do you work at Facebook?
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    Oh, I could have phrased that more clear. Absolutely not, just got invited to an open day as a uni student and thought I would check out how crazy they are
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    @Alt-Tab Ah fair enough! I was going to warn you that in case you were, you shouldn't take my attacks at Facebook personal 😅 (I have a deep hatred against Facebook)
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    @linuxxx can rational people like FB??
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    @linuxxx @jotamontecino Well, I am pleased you guys are less freaked out about them openly acknowledging on a promo day that they have information on user passwords.
    Or that doesn't even come as a surprise from Facebook? 😅
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    @Alt-Tab They don't give a fuck about users privacy so I'm not surprised at all haha
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    @Alt-Tab I know people who worked there and have spent a few evening there, on events. So let's be clear: there way worse!!

    And frankly speaking, if your motto is: "move fast, break things", doing stuff in a good way is difficult.

    The only good thing is FB have less talented people than Google...
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