Woah Google... what's with all the hostility?!

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    search histories of jealous non devs
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    We are born to greatness.
    Developers shall rule the world! Muhahaha!!!
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    πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ specific search problem 😁rest of world loves devs πŸ˜‡
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    Lazy devs are good devs.
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    Programmers are the ones who made you, Google.
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    @h3ll not if the parents helped you to reach one of the greatest position on the planet
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    Funny thing is, they are using a kernel programmed by programmers, an operating system programmed by programmers, a software programmed by programmers, and a search engine programmed by programmer to search if the programmers are lazy.
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    1) Losers because we spend most of our time fixing bugs for stable release to make these people happy rather than going out to waste time on unnecessary stuff.

    2) Weird because, we thinking differently. We make productive stuff with bunch of words (codes) they don't understand and they love using it. (We bring things to life)

    3) Lazy because, all they see is programmers sitting in front their computer most the time thinking we're doing nothing.

    Programmers are awesome! 😁
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    @suprano I would say, lazy because we try to automate every boring or repetitive process.
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    @BartBB jokes aside, we kinda do, don't we ? (I mean, i'm not a dev yet but you guys do)
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    Lazyness drives innovation and automation.
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    I'm not officially a developer either, official as in employed in the profession. I do have private projects but I never gotten official education on Software Engineering.

    But yes, developers are the future of this software based world. As are electronics engineers, the future of this hardware based world xD (which is what my major was - Electronics Engineering) @Sweenu
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    Programmer are rich people, you jealous!
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    My google:
    * programmers are antisocial
    * ... losers
    * ... stupid

    Thanx google ))
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