Was busy today doing some house work. Everything was normal till afternoon.

Me thinking of using laptop noticed that there was no laptop

My office laptop and another bag was stolen from my home .

It had most of the production details and source code. Running behind police for help now.

Informed my boss too about this incident.

Will update on what happens tomorrow in office.

Fuck that person who stole my office laptop and destroyed my Peace.

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    Was the drive encrypted? Change those production details quickly
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    @NoMad , OS was windows. Official Gmail account was logged in.

    Can try to track through Microsoft account Only if he turns on system.

    BTW there was not much charge in laotop. Found the laptop charger in home itself.
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    @alexbrooklyn nope it was not encrypted. Had informed boss and TL. Hope they will be doing soon.
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    Don't you have a door in your house?
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    @electrineer door got stolen a week ago
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    @electrineer he was using Windows...

    OK, after this terrible joke I am going to sleep.

    @Nanu, I was robbed a few times. Luckily, no laptop and no office stuff. I know your pain.
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    Man, that's terrible. I had my laptop stolen by a young guy I was helping out letting him stay with me. That's bad enough. But to have work stuff on it. You have my sympathies. And I hope it's returned to you ASAP.
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