Client: Can you build a Webshop and make it SEO,SEM and advertising-friendly?
Me: I COULD TRY. Whats your budget?
Client: Up to 400€
At this point I slowly faded away.

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    Moronic clients thinking everything's for free
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    same here client wanted a Magento website with tons of custom design and custom dev work:
    His budget : £20k
    Our Estimation £120k
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    Increasing your opacity, that's a good way to do it
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    And I'm here building this SEO friendly e-commerce website for a friend... For free...
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    if you work without getting payed, make sure your learn something from it. otherwise you're doing it wrong.
    Eg, if a freind wants a favour, tell them you'll do it in a language you want to learn or in a framewrok you want to learn, because learning things always goes easier on real projects than on hello world/dummy projects.
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    @DarkMukke yeah that's exactly why I'm doing it for free. My first e-commerce while learning Laravel, so I kinda felt bad making him pay for a potentially working product...
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    @tisaconundrum my opacity was at 2 at this moment :D
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    How much would you charge for an out of the box webshop installation? If Magneto fullfills those requests and takes <4 hrs to set up it could be enough :)
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    @jiraTicket dont use magento, i work for a magento agency, if it doesnt need custom dev, go got shopify or what not
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