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    I once did that when I managed to push Vim's syntax highlighting to its limit. Turns out if you mix the syntax of two different file formats within a single file(e.g. example code within markdown code blocks) it sometimes gets completely confused and e.g. highlights everything after a certain line as string.
    That's the only real issue I've had with Vim so far, and sometimes it really is a bit annoying.
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    Vim syntax is regex-based and not grammar-based. Which is really limiting when it comes to mixing languages and languages that depend on context
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    @RantSomeWhere I had it installed but I can't afford the time to customize it (yet I have the time for devrant and reddit)
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    @RantSomeWhere I really tried Evil mode and/or spacemacs but I simply can't handle it. The main problem for me is that they're still Emacs with a lot of Vim bindings inbetween, and that feels incredibly awkward all the time because Emacs and Vim have such fundamentally different controls.

    Also it would take me months to recreate the same config in Emacs and I wouldn't gain anything from it than better syntax highlighting in some edge cases...not worth it to me.
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    @RantSomeWhere My vimrc contains about 140 custom keybindings. No, I'm not gonna recreate that in elisp just so the syntax highlighting looks a bit better.

    Besides, the last time I tried Spacemacs it took longer to start up than fucking Atom, some of its features behaved differently than in Vim, and the Escape key still didn't work properly. I don't see how I'm supposed to not view that as a downgrade.

    I can see how it's a good compromise for some people, but for me it would be an immense amount of work to adapt the config, and all that doesn't change that I dislike pretty much everything about Emacs' control scheme. Adding Vim bindings somewhere inbetween makes everything only more confusing.
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    @deadlyRants very much the same for me. I'm trying to go minimalist so I don't have a big init.vim (I use neovim). I use tabs heavily because I'm often on my laptop and the screen is too small and for context switching (working on two different features) and emacs lacks these. Also I do React dev and it was a breeze configuring that for vim (polyglot for syntax, ale for linting and coc for completion).
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