When you try to change your job

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    I don’t really like hiding shit, so I told them out loud once when I was invited for an interview
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    Just be out straight with it - but express it as a joke, they'll think you're kidding and be suspicious all at the same time.
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    I was at a job once and everyone knew I had a job interview or if i got offered a job. Usually because I started smiling like a POW about to be released
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    I took a paid leave for a day saying I was going to an interview
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    Last time I wrote with a recruiter, I sat on the toilet (just because I was bored and checked XING)
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    @Lyniven same. Its my perogative to investigate other job opportunities, but also my responsibility to do it on my own time.

    When interviewing candidates I enjoy watching how they squirm when I ask what they told their boss they are doing that day. Most at least are honest that they lied.
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    I got fired because of that. Once..
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    I went for an in-person interview and the manager wanted to hire my right away and wanted to call my current boss and previous for recommendation after I told him nobody knows I was at the interview. I withdrew my application as soon as I left. Meanwhile I was getting interview request left and right so I told my CIO and I got raise more than I expected. 😁You can check my recent rants.
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    Lmao I just make up some bullshit about me being sick or some shit for the day, take a sick day, and do my thing.

    The less they know the better, why? Because they could be looking for your replacement in the meantime since you already gave them a heads up that you’re looking elsewhere. Also, there’s the chance of they liking that person better than you and they just kick yo ass out and replace you with that new person anyways.

    The struggle of working in an “at-will” company lol hasn’t happened to me yet because I don’t tell em shit. They don’t need to know what I do on my day off anyways regardless of the type of day off I took.
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    @Superviral hahaha true that. I’m glad I have great CIO who is understanding. Heck, he even gave me his own experience. If it wasn’t for him, I’d be gone even if they offered more salary. He doesn’t stress any of my team out, buying lunch for us and all. Heck, he even offered to pay my parking for our garage. What I’m trying to say is, you have to know your boss before you start opening up to him/her.
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    @Lyniven funny how I barely took days off so whenever I requested a day off they think I’m going for an interview lol but really end up at the airport or dentist
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    P.S. I’m going to take a “sick” day on Wednesday but in reality I’m taking this day off last minute to receive my new giant sofa bed and catch up on some much needed sleep 😂😂
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    Literally me right now
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