Just found out about the CoC changes on stackoverflow. I urge you people to also have more confidence in yourself and tell the stackoverflow commmunity how you want to be adressed.

CoC changes: https://meta.stackexchange.com/ques...

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    I wish I cared enough. At this point all these changes just make me more of a cynic.

    People who actually care what they're called over the internet by other people they will never meet irl are so bloody insecure and borderline mental, partly because their parenting was godawful.

    One thing though, they do know how to play the politic game and worm their way into community management where they can invent all these problems they can then solve and feel important about.

    These people do not create. They have no skill to do so. They just talk and usurp.
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    I always wanted to be an Apache helicopter
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    @perfectdark why not Apache Server?
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    You mean wasting my free time helping someone with proggraming is not enough? I need to waste my time reading their profile to understand the correct pronoun?
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    my personal pronouns are and always will be:
    "i'm a moron and he" / "i'm a moron and him" / "i'm a moron and his"
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    @jonhyfun Precisely. You don't want to be rude, do you? After all, this"person" put so much work, time and effort into choosing/creating their pronouns!

    Certainly more work, time and effort than they spent actually reading documentation.
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    If they really force you to use correct pronouns chances are that they arent even worth talking to.
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    aah, finally, i can force people on SO to acknowledge my identification as a rowboat and if anyone flags or downvotes my questions i finally have a defence! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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