The biggest mystery - SOLVED!

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    Wrong category
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    But what about dem nuggets eh?
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    @alexbrooklyn don't bother, he posts literally everything in the devrant category
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    If you thought it was a mystery up to that point, I've got some bad news for you.
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    Also, alphabetical order sort based on each emoji's unicode.
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    @kamen yeah buddy
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    @kamen edgy af. The question implies chicken egg, but that's okay.
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    @arcsector Definitions of species are not intrinsic though. Asking whether the chicken or the chicken egg came first, is like asking for the point on the spectrum where yellow becomes green.

    And the branches you see in phylogenetic evolution trees are a simplification, reality is much messier. Chickens evolved from red junglefowl, but have been subject to lateral gene transfer from other species of junglefowl.

    Chickens can kind of hybridize with turkeys and pheasants, but all three diverged enough to lose the ability to fully crossbreed reliably. Depending on the combination, either the embryos die, infertile birds come out, or the hybrids are of one gender. There is one species of silver pheasant though which produces viable offspring with domestic chickens, and some quail crosses can be made using IVF.

    So what IS a chicken, really? Were ancient Greece chickens chicken enough to be chickens? And what about a neolithic chickens?

    I should not be so serious about this.
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    They're just dinos. Or the descendants of dinos.

    Chicken farmers are dino farmers.

    And we're cave men.

    That eat dinos.

    I want my dino nuggets motherfuckers. You guys ate us, now it's OUR turn to EAT YOU!
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    @Wisecrack Can confirm, I am programming in what looks like a cave, and even though it's 1:20AM, I could go for some fried dino nuggets. Or eggs, from any species. Well, maybe not human eggs.
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    wrong language to assume to get a sensible answer from
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    @bittersweet oh its chicken or chicken egg.. i thought its just an egg that makes it real simple
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    I thought it was some weird new programming language he was fucking around in.
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    @gudishvibes It probably converts them back to Unicode numbers, sorts those and then again renders emojis.
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    @arcsector it's still the egg. Mom gets an egg with different genes --> new mutation --> new species (over time, or sudden)
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    Since the result is wrong, it must be the JS 😂👍
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    @Quirinus little late to the party bud 😂
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    @arcsector better late than sorry. 😋
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