Getting requirements from my dad for a brochure for his company.
"Just make a pdf, 5-6 pages"
"You can take the pictures from these other two pdfs"
"Write some good sentences"
Help me.

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    There's actually a few tools you can use for working with PDF. In fact I believe my company has a product that might help. I don't work in the department that produces it so I don't know if it's free or paid for but I can have a look...
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    @nmunro oh no I have no problem with getting the actual content from the PDF. The problem is he has no idea what he wants me to turn that into :|
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    @KrupaH That's where you come in! Do some research into similar successful companies, get a feel for the language they use, see what their USP S are (unique selling points). Look at typography use of colour. Consider taking or hiring a photographer if his images are shit. Then sell it to him from a position of authority rather than just the aesthetic. The design is the final consideration after all the research and planning/copywriting etc. has been done. Good luck.
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    @helloworld fair enough, thanks xP I totally do not have time for this, but you gotta do what you gotta do I guess!
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