A girl I used to have a crush on suddenly contacted after 2 years because she still thinks of me as one of her "best friends", and was sorry that she "hurt" me. After a few minutes talking, I knew she just wanted to get her new website done... Go to hell you fucking bitch

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    So is it ready or did you say that last line to her?
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    They always try to use you when they struggle with something. Otherwise you are not important for them.
    What a bitch though.
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    What a great opportunity to tell her to fuck off ;) we dont all get that chance ;)
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    Same. Except it was some jock in high school who never talked to me and always gave my “crowd” of nerdy misfits grief. Until he needed a website done 27 years later. I did it for him, he paid me, and then we set up an agreement for a monthly payment to keep it updated. And then a month later he ghosted next and stopped paying for it. So I took the site down.
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    @stackodev so you had a crush on him after all that?
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    Omg! I had a similar situation too! But she appeared to actually want to maintain peace.
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    That why I tell every one that I am hacker working for government and no one asking anything anymore LOL
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    @electrineer lol I simply told her to go to some web dev agency. She knows some of my friends so I don't want to appear rude
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    @orhun yep, it's absolutely fine to reject me, but why saying those "best friend" bullshit after almost 2 years with no contact at all? And then asking for some favor because she knows I "work in IT"...
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    Mine asks me for doubts
    In March or so of this year, I taught her python's import
    and cleared many of her doubts here and there...
    I just can't deny.. idk how
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    Did you straight out refuse ?
    Or did you give an excuse ?
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    Dude why did you give up an opportunity to milk money from her?

    I think you shot yourself in your toe, if not your foot.
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    @electrineer haha. No. I’m 110% straight. It was just the irony of being the outcast who the jocks tormented suddenly holding all the cards. #IAmTheCaptainNow
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    @-red I told her to use web dev agencies service
    @HoloDreamer haha yeah, that could be a nice chance to get some extra money, but I'm currently satisfied with my earnings and want to spend time on other stuff
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    you should have just treated her asy any other client. all smiles and sunshine, "sure, gladly, i estimate it's going to take xy hours, my hourly rate is zq, i take qp% retainer in advance, shall i send you the invoice?"
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    Hhahah... Lol
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    She might have finally found an excuse to low key flirt with you without sounding too thirsty, and you just basically told her to fuck off. 🤣🤣🤣

    Oh boi...
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    @NoMad she got engaged 2 weeks after that. So I don't think she was flirting at all :)
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    @Xamenyap if all my crushes would tell me to go fuck myself when I tried to flirt, I'd marry whoever came my way in a heartbeat too 😜
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    @NoMad hey, maybe that makes sense. But it's too late now :) I have no regrets anyway because I actually have a gf now, who's awesome
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