Don't ever talk to non-tech people about tech. It'll fuck up your mood.

I've talked to a non-tech person lately, so...

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    What I really love is when people without engineering degrees (like degrees in meat-space disciplines) have no clue and act like tech knowledge is trivial and beneath them... and they are helpless to understand it. They look down their noses at you when you do understand it and treat you like you are the trash collector.

    I have said "should I slower so you can try and keep up?" to more than one arrogant overpaid fuckwit.

    You don't go into medicine or business because you are competent in math and science... and no, statistics is not real math.
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    @xcodesucks statistics is not real maths? Wut?

    I've had many really nice tech discussions with non tech folks. I believe OP what you wanted to say was "don't have tech discussions with assholes".
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    @RememberMe I'd say it's 50/50. Non-tech people are often just not caring about tech issues that do have an influence on them (e.g. privacy issues, security) and that can be infuriating.
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    This has its own version even among tech people. Mixing knowledge areas doesn't always work well. The IT guy probably won't have strong opinions on languages and a senior developer might be completely incapable of building a PC. Everyone has blind spots.
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    @xcodesucks wow..meat-space disciplines..
    while (true) { ++ this comment }
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    I think it depends on what kind of person you are talking to..
    My rants/talks usually make them O.O and 'I have no idea what you just said', but since I didn't expect them to go dive into my brainstorming they are great to 'talk to' xD
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    Always one of my favorites is talking about machine learning with people who have no technical understanding of the matter AT ALL but either love to bullshit around with pseudo-philosophical OMG AI APOCALYPSE bullshit whenever the subject arises in whatever fucking trivial context or just get off on the term "Deep Learning", well, because BUZZWORD.
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    Yeah.... The best part is when they say that it is bad because elon musk have said so...
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    @RememberMe A doctor recently told me that I did not understand a UI issue because I was not a doctor or a patient. I reminded them that they did not go into medicine because they understood discrete mathematics ... and then I had to 'splain that it meant "set theory, calculus, ordinary differential equations, etc" and I watched their arrogance melt to fear.

    It was a beautiful "Move aside and let the man go through, let the man go through" moment.
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    @sladuled so they work as a human duck? nice.
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    @Jedidja yup.. xD rubber ducky/therapist combo.. It saddens me that people I explain stuff to actually understand better after only one expanation than most of the clients.. o.O
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