Seniority sucks sometimes.

Today I took the time to figure out the API for a shipping website.

I was super proud of this and figured that this could be useful for our application but the guy who has been there for 5+ years was like "no we have used an API for a previous client and caused the application to slow down by 1.2 seconds."

Of course in my mind I'm like, "but what was the API that you used? When I use it, it's running and returning in milliseconds. Surely you're not doing it right."

Of course because of his seniority I'm not going to say that.

It just sucks a lot because I spent a lot of time reverse engineering the API. It would have been nice to have been noticed for that work.

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    Thats bullshit, you should just tell the guy mate. No point holding back knowledge.
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    @ninjapants I know I could but I'm not sure it's worth testing the waters? I know I really don't have much to lose. I'll give it some thought though.
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    @iSwimInTheC dont expect someone to pat you on the shoulder especially if you do something that no one asked. Validate your sense of accomplishment in other ways, because this senior dev colleague of yours doesnt sound like an open minded guy.. thats usually the curse of seniors who give up on their work at some point. They stop learning. I mean 5+ years in one workplace?

    Anyways you can always produce a proof of concept and drop him a link to the repo so he could check it out. In this way he wouldnt be pressured and who knows maybe he will like your proposal
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    @zemaitis it's some old ass legacy enterprise software and I don't have access to the repo. I mean I could definitely make a proof of concept on my own time I guess.

    In any case I've kinda gotten over it
    I'm going to make a small personal site that utilizes it to make my job easier.
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    Can't speak for your work's culture, but it's pretty shitty if you can't point out a mistake or a potential improvement to someone more senior.

    I say this as someone who is probably regarded as more senior in terms of our project.
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    Speaking as someone who has been doing this for about 30 years, I think it is incredibly shitty that a senior behaves in a way that doesn't promote juniors to bring new ideas in
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