When you know the whole week's weather forecast w/o even looking at it, because your neighbours above you are aged people and when they read it out *loud* you can hear it all sooo clearly...

Boy do I want my own house....

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    I know some houses in my neighbourhood that are in the market. The least expensive i know is 34.000€.
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    @stop not that I'm interested as a buyer, I'm just curious, what kind of a house could one get for 34k€ in Germany? 😁
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    An small house from the 1930 with 70 m² living space and 119 m² land area. It has a bathroom with bathtub, a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom, a free usable room, a balcony, as well as a shed for bicycles. There is also a small oven in the living room.
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    @netikras you forgot the most important question: what's the max Internet speed there?
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    @Emphiliis Is it that important? Frankly I don't need high speeds :) I was happy with my 4mbps 4g modem a few years ago.
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    Hmm.. My dad had 1.8mb/s. Now in my own flat I have 6mb/s and its awesome, especially because I have to move lots of stuff from and to my server..

    And to the house, a bathtub in the living room?? Awesome!
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