Hello Guys... Just wanted to have some opinions:

Considering long-term career stability, how does a Machine Learning engineer compare with a Software Developer ( C, C++, Java, Python, etc. ) & a Web Developer ( Java, JavaScript, SQL, CSS, Python ) ?

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    If one is able to work their way up to “Machine Learning Engineer”, they would be skilled enough to easily flex between varying fields/trends of software development.
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    For long-term stability I'd go with Software/ML engineer. Web developmemt is an art and all (myself being also a web dev) but there are plenty of web devs out there.
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    @SevenDeadlyBugs That's a really good insight. So, alongside Systems, DB, Web development, you're predicting ML development is here to stay.. at least for next 10-15 years ?
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    @succyproggy I see. However, the specializations might require different skills.
    That is, the skillset necessary for ML requires being able to reason about & optimize for data pipelines. Same can't be said Software dev. with server/desktop/mobile architecture and Web dev. with Browser/mobile architecture related pipelines.. right ?
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    @bioDan Hmm.. yeah. The pace at which the dominant frameworks in Web space change seems frightening !
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    Many of the high-paying ML engineer jobs require PhD (and lots of crazy abstract Math).

    Whereas you can still get high-paying job as software engineer without a PhD.
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    @programmer yeah but being an engineer is being able to adapt and be constantly learning. When I’m talking about skills, im not talking about concrete stuff like frameworks/languages but rather, the thinking process that that makes one an engineer.
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    ML Engineers wont get fucked as hard when the robot uprising begins...
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