For shit's sake, data stream processing really is only for people with high throughput looking to do transformations on their data; not for people aggregating <10Gb/day of data.

Fuck me DSP is going to be the new buzzword of 2020 and I'm not looking forward to it. I've already got stakeholders wondering if we can integrate it when we dont have the need, nor the resources or funds.

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    Isn’t apache spark doing it already from some time ?
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    @vane and kafka, but to be honest its fuckin useless for small data loads; a good socket will get you just fine, but fuck me if i dont see shit tons of people screaming about DSP for every single thing
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    @arcsector Also apache storm and flink. As far as I know this is pretty much solved and already used by big companies.
    Kafka is only distributed queue in the part of data processing and I think it’s slowly replaced by pulsar.

    But I agree that throwing a rocket to go to grocery for food is dumb thing.
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    And here I thought DSP is for Digital Signal Processing/Processor…

    Data Stream Processing sounds like a fancy name for Map/Reduce which Google championed like 15 years ago.
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    @SomeNone how to spot the audio guy. 🤗
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    Or a electronic engineer
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    @C0D4 digital signal processing is used for far more than just audio
    Communications, sensors, and image processing, for exampls
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    I thought it was digital sound processing too, as that's what the audio system in Linux used to be based around. It was /dev/dsp
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    @SomeNone i have no idea what map or reduce are, but unfortunately everyone else thought it was that too and now it's gonna change. God we need fewer 3 letter acronyms in life.
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    unless you take a DSP as a Service Provider paid by Traffic, which can be scamfully cheap if used for normal broker services
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