I am so pissed. Someone i know asked me if we were hiring marketting people so I asked the COO and he said we are and asked me to refer them. I asked my friend for her CV and referred her.

I ask the COO a week later whether he contacted her and he says that they will hire a girl they had as an intern a few months ago instead.

I give no fuck to whether my friend ended up getting hired. But i at least expect to get her an interview. When u ask ur friend to refer you to their company, u expect the fact he works there will help u get a chance for an interview or even a god damn phone call at the very least. But now the COO made me look very useless infront of her, it wasnt any different than if she had applied online rather than me referring her personally.

i honestly feel disrespected having been indirectly told my position in this company doesnt even let me help people i know to get a small interview. nevermind the outcome of the interview, but me being in this company should give me the ability to get someone an interview AT LEAST. just for the sake i referred her personally as a current employee at the company... they shouldve interviewed her and forgot about her. just make it look like u cared about the fact that a current good employee referred someone and that my referral actually did something.

I feel very useless infront of my friend now and i hate that now its obvious to her my company doesnt give a shit about my referrals...

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    I don't understand why you would feel disrespected. They may have looked at the resume and said "pass" for one reason or another. Not everyone gets an interview. Often even posted jobs will go to internal people they favor more. Was this an attempt to look like a "Big Shot"?
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    @Demolishun not really aiming to look like a "Big Shot". But i believe if someone in my company vouches for someone, i would trust they deserve an interview. or at least in the previous company i was in, i got my friend a job by telling my boss i trust that hes good and u should hear him out. i felt that my referral was *valued* thats all. just valued enough to earn someone a small call or interview at least, you know..
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    Honestly one of my friends tried getting me an job in her company, she gave them my skill set and my résumé and every week she'd ask if they had contacted me but they never did, I didn't think this meant she couldn't get me an interview because she's quite a senior dev so I'm sure they respect her suggestions, maybe I wasn't cut out for the job, I don't think u should be too hard on yourself if they didn't call your friend or brought her in for an interview.
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    Why do you have friends who are into marketing? Disgusting.
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    @electrineer every group needs a slacker comedian. Don’t you watch every sitcom ever?
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    Referrals just increase the chances for an interview. Ultimately, if she's not a good fit, or they already had a plan, they're not going to derail it just because you referred someone.
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    Would you rather get interviewed and get a few hours wasted only to be told at the end "wow, you're the perfect fit - I had a quick word with others and they agree! Thank you for taking the time out of your day. However, we're going to hire someone else because we already know this other person that interned for us before and we had our mind already made up before we even scheduled this interview - we just needed to waste an hour or so and put up a show to pretend being busy because someone vouched for you."

    Or rather get straight up told "Nah, we managed to already fill the position, sorry".
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