Why would I use vim if my computer is powerful enough to run Visual Studio Code?

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    Well if you use VIM instead of VSC you'll also be able to do other stuff while you're at it
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    Jetbrains stuff blows MS out of the water though nowadays. At least the code intelligence stuff. Sublime has a better editor though
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    @ZioCain provided you can exit it
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    Well you can open a console in vscode and use vim from there...
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    @Mr-Myrk What drugs you take? You're clearly outta your mind with that statement.
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    Just because you can run something hogging resources doesn't mean there is any point in doing so.
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    VS Code:
    - is non-free software due to being based on Electron (non-free blobs)
    - is bloated as hell due to being based on Electron (why boot up a whole fucking browser when you want to have a bit of text editing?)

    - is free software
    - is not bloated

    Don't get me wrong I do use IDEs, but your point is invalid due to IDEs still being slower than just plain text editors, even if your resources are abundant.
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    I use Vim to get extra points on elitism and condescension.
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    When you’re already in CLI and wanna do a quick edit on a config file. I’d rather just do everything without having to move my mouse, find the txt file, open it, etc.

    It seems trivial but all those movements add up to your day.
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    Try editing a 8GB file w/ vsc :) my coleague tried. 32GB ram was far from enough.

    With vim on the other hand -- eZ!
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    @AleCx04 *secret Vim hand heck*
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    I personally use vim... I noticed that as I got better at coding and hacking I eventually started tweaking my dev env to my desired workflow patterns... Other code editors may have less of a learning curve, but in my opinion you should learn to use a vim in the event your current code editor does not cut it anymore... Yes, they do the same thing(code editing), but its more like transitioning from a bicycle to a motor cycle... eventually you will want more speed and power...
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    Depends on your goals. I love vim for quick tasks, reviews, but use graphical IDE for more complicated stuff :)
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    First, for all my needs, an IDE is not necessary (JS Dev). and the VIM way is the good way!
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