I have been in this field almost 13 years and experienced multiple burnouts. But now feels different.

I miss those days when i spent all nights doing programming on junior high school.

Once you turn your hobby into a profession, it may ceases to be your hobby anymore.

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    I don't code for fun as often anymore.

    The again I'm usually exhausted mentally and physically on the rare occasion I have any free time. That's probs most of it.
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    Code for fun, led to code for cash, led to code for corporate slavery... I mean umm more cash,.. led to 0 personal projects anymore 🙁
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    You will probably find it's because you have half a dozen other things to do now your a little older. Having to do food shopping, cooking, fixing the car, DIY, cleaning, traveling further to name just a few that you may not have done at junior high.
    Spend an evening semi planning a project and assign some time for it at the weekend or something, that might help. Make it a fun/useful project to keep yourself interested.
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    Me too! Coding is no longer pleasurable. But just for the sake of livelihood. That passion is literally wipe.
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    Does ANYONE still enjoy it
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    Find yourself a nice FOSS project you can dwell in. Something that you really use and which means something to you.

    I am programming for over 30 years now. Profession or not, software development never stopped being also a hobby for me.

    So, why FOSS? Because it, by the nature of itself, includes interacting with people. 😉
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    Except if you’re bored, got nothing more interesting to do and when you look behind you spot that this nice big screen is smiling and starts to speak:
    - write something on me,
    - use me baby, please,
    - come let your fingers touch me
    and then you both have babies again 🤣
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    This so so true! Sometimes I ask myself if I enjoy programming as much as I use to.
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    I still enjoy it, I use side projects to sharpen my skills.
    But ya I'm slowly reaching the burnout point :\
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    Yeah in the end theres no other way than to buy you free by hitting big. I just want a year without bs from others and just work on my own projects, hit big, and live as a happy man. 😅
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    @Root This is me 100%

    I have several of my own OSS projects I use to love working on in my free time. Don't have the time or mental capacity to manage them or find any enjoyment from them like I use to.
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    You can't miss when you thought it was fun , if you always hated your job. *taps forehead*
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    Personally the only way to keep it funny for me is to do that *only* as a job. It spoils the thing less for me if I do not spend all my time into it. And actually makes me want to go to the office every day.
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