We use MS Teams and I started a new team for the contract renewal. My preference was to continue with the old one for files and searching. I am the “owner” and the PM is the “owner”. Everyone else is a “member”. Owner means admin. The executive sees that she is a mere member and demands the PM add her as an owner. He makes her an owner. Then she decides that she outranks is and should be the only owner. We discover this because we can’t on-board a new person on the team or configure build notifications or GitHub code review notifications.
Basically the executive has stopped the team from using Teams because her ego tells her that she is the one true “owner.”

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    Then let her be the owner and let productivity grind to a halt :)
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    This is why you have private teams, she can be the team owner for the "public" team, and she can keep her entitled ass out of the private ones.
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    What's a "PM" ?

    Personal Manager ?

    Project Manager ?

    Something else ?
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    This reminds me of how everyone and their dog wants admin rights on a forum, and when they get them, do nothing but remove admin rights from everyone else..
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    Delegate work you can’t do now to her. It’s obviously her duty now, she claimed it.
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    @Nanos project manager. I have never heard it stand for anything else.
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    I'm used to PM meaning Personal Message, or PM in time, eg. 5pm.

    Abbreviations can often be an issue when they can mean different things in different industries/etc.



    There are hundreds of possibilities !
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    Update. We asked nicely to get someone else as a backup. She threw a fit. “I’m the owner. Conversation over.”

    This is a woman that can fire any of us. FFS
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