Software engineer

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    Wrong category

    But it was really funny to me
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    How've you been here a year and still tagging meme's as rants?
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    This is so true
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    This is me rn.
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    Exactly how I'm sitting RN
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    I'm that guy, but I'm counter-moving my spine so that it stays like a straight line. Sometimes it happens that I forget about it though.

    Lucky me, my back did never hurt.
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    yea I call bullshit. I've been sitting like that at my desk for as long as I can remember and my back has never not once hurt from it.

    It's never failed to recover when I've hurt it doing something else either and I generally spend my recovery time sitting just like that at either the computer or the xbox.
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    Reclining as far as 135 degrees is better for your back than sitting 90 degrees straight. The trick is to have support for your whole spine though. If you like slouching, get a chair that reclines and carries your whole upper body without any tension.

    And don't forget to get up and move a lot. Do some dancing every 15-20 minutes. Dance through the office. Naked of course. Dancing is good for circulation, change in which muscle groups you use prevents RSI.
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    Personally attacked.
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    @kwilliams I also think it shouldn't be on Facebook.

    I think I should write a script that crawls through random Facebook pages and marks everything as "I think it shouldn't be on Facebook". Because lets face it, nothing should be on Facebook.
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    This feels very uncomfortable 💀
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    It's not back that's the problem. It's my butt
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    @Superviral nostril reveal!
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