This afternoon, I was sitting in on a class, not really paying attention to what the teacher was saying, when all of a sudden out of nowhere the teacher shoots me with the question what is "1260 divided by 30?" Thakfully I was messing with my python interpreter, so I just typed in 1260/30 yelled, (as if I knew the answer) "42!"


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    But ur teacher sure has also a sense of humor. 42 is a magic number for us aint it? 😄
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    @noyb I can't find my towel!

    @lazar Also, for quick math. 60 divided by 30 is 2. 1200 divided by 30 is 40. 40 + 2 = 42. You can algorithmically chunk the number to make it easier to compute in the head.
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    @Demolishun not that it matters how you math, but I drop the 0 at the end making it 126/3 and it magically looks easier and gives me the same result.
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    @noyb it is, if you know the question to that goes with your answer.
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    @C0D4 If i would know that all psychologist of the universe would be after my ass. 😁
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