Yeah Apple, fuck up your SECOND Xcode release in a SINGLE WEEK and make me download ANOTHER 7 GIGABYTES (I've grown up with a 2.4 KBITS/S modem!) for what's probably a ONE-LINER FIX in your bloated SHIT!

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    In Ireland? For real?
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    Aren't those updates optional?
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    It is apple, what do you expect?

    Go to their airpods page and open the inspector in chrome. One webpage makes 1,700 ajax requests on load and downloads around 70MiB of rich content...

    My first contract mobile phone was 100MiB of data per month; so I could view the airpods page twice per month and that would be my monthly quota.

    They might have fixed it now but the source was
    https://apple.com/uk/airpods-pro/ lol
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    @nekokatt wow, you could view that page not once, but twice!
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