My client wants a jpg image with a transparent background !!!!!!!

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    Tell him dogs dont come with cat faces.
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    Give him an animated .png
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    Ha. Ask him what colour he would like the transparent background.
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    @praveenpuglia has science gone too far?
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    Lets add on to this rant. HE WANTS ME TO DESIGN IT IN MS PAINT!!!! Because he thinks that if I design it with paint it will work on his computer.
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    Well, are you gonna deliver or not?
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    @jnordy already did hahaha. Although I had to give him a class on how these things work.
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    simple, give him a png with jpg extension.
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    @mossaddeque lol I love this and I use to do it to upload sites all the time. Does renaming gifs to jpg still work on Google profiles? Use to make people think your Hackerman
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    Lol, I'm glad that I get this
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    @uziiuzair draw an animated painting on ms paint and print that gif from your laser printer. Maybe he/she like it
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