My employer tried to install my app in his IPhone X and he scold me why the apk not supported. I explain to him that apk is for Android. He yelled :” don’t give me shit , you don’t have a degree on this so shut up, I do have, apk are universal because it is coded in Java

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    Imagine thinking a degree is any sign of intelligence. Some of the most stupid people I've met were at university 😂
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    I see that degree actually paid off for him.

    -sent from my iPhone, we not all this bad.
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    Add his superior in cc. If no higher up cares about the stupidy of his statement, start looking for another job
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    right to jail
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    Tell him his apk interpreter must be broke and he should check if he can run any other .apks
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    Oh! Better yet - tell him it's in Kotin!

    In a more serious note - you can stand your ground and argue the build was targeted only at Android OSes.
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    Those who know better, often make things worse
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    @johnmelodyme Have you been to a uni?
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    @theKarlisK I did explained. He told me better not fool him because he know how to code in Haskell and Assembly for Android.

    But I corrected him being far fetched. Haskell and Assembly? I was like huh? I might be a high school graduate but I started my Java since 15 , and still learning from Smart people. And I got confused.
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    @johnmelodyme let another person preferably an higher up be part of the conversion and have it all in written form. The moment people like that are public their behaviour either is corrected or they get exposed for the dumb shits they are. Doesn matter if hes tim bernes lee by himself or anybody. Talking like that to anybody like he did to you is proof that his mom did not gave him enough attention
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    Stupidity is the only thing I can count on being universal. Sorry that happened to you.
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    @odite no. I studied in MALAYSIA. I am a high school student. Our education level is low here. And I can’t afford to uni. Sorry for that. I don’t know anything about uni . I just a programmer who learn from abandoned books.
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    @odite maybe I need to get a degree so that people here might listen to me for just *one time* . Maybe I need to migrate. Hihi
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    @johnmelodyme That guy is bullshitting you to your face. He doesn't respect you or your intelligence or your skills. Leave. It will not get better if you stay and put up with his shit -- it'll likely just get worse because he knows you'll put up with it. Leave.
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    @Root I still finding job on LinkedIn . Because in my country , high school grad are difficult to be a programmer even you are good. And I’m a high school grad but started programming when I was 15 and now is 23 in Java and still learning. (Not professional but still learning everyday :))
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    Okay retard
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    Such a cunt
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    Feeling ashamed for him
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