Company: We want to attract lots of new talent.
Employee: First, try to retain your existing talent. Please treat them with respect and give them every now and then challenges they deserve.

Please ask the attrition rate of every company you interview with.

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    I have four similar questions I always ask:
    1) profitable?
    2) drama?
    3) drug use?
    4) churn?

    I also ask about hardware/software choices and freedom, training budget, etc.
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    @thedevdevil Some companies be like:

    We don't have fixed working hours. Flexible hours, come and go as you please. But, just get the work done on time.

    To get the work done, you will not only be working at the Office. But, at home as well 😂
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    @Root I'm quite interested in knowing what the response to drug use usually is, and more importantly, WHY?
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    @confusionsays They always say one of two things:
    1) No drugs allowed, or
    2) We don't care as long as it doesn't affect performance. Some pot, etc. is fine, but don't come into work stoned and useless. Obviously hard drugs are out.

    So the question doesn't actually tell me much, but I still ask it and explain why:

    One of my previous bosses (the co-founder and self-proclaimed CEO) started "microdosing" LSD and shrooms during work hours, sometimes multiple times a day (that isn't microdosing, fyi), and would sometimes share it with his favorite employees. He would also take a hit before talking to clients and even investors. He ran the company into the ground. I mean, he was running it into the ground well before he started doing drugs, but afterwards? 😕 He also started getting more verbally abusive and douchy than usual, such as starting a conference call with multiple people specifically so others were there to witness him chewing someone out -- which definitely adds embarassment, I suppose. (I've written many a rant about him and about that job if you want to read them.) He also yelled at me for 40 minutes straight during one of the company's weekly conference call meetings, over something really stupid. Basically the entirety of the meeting was him yelling at me in front of my coworkers.

    So I ask the drug question because I don't want a repeat of any of that.

    (And usually relating the above story helps to get a clearer answer than they're otherwise willing to give.)
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    @Root that's quite reasonable indeed.
    Thanks for sharing that, I'm quite an avid follower of your previous rants in the same territory. :)
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