I’ve spent 2 weeks trying to simply automate logging into my damn school’s blackboard but this ducking popup won’t freaking let me access it. I’ve tried selenium. I’ve used beautifulsoup and requests. I’ve even tried a tool called mechanize with python
But I’ve now realized I simply have no damn idea what I’m doing. I’ve read and tried way too many stack overflow articles and I’m just sick of this damn popup

If I can’t figure it out by the end of the upcoming thanksgiving break I’m dropping this damn project until I learn enough to utilize the blackboard API’s. I’m a little sure those will help

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    That looks like plain basic auth. Isn't it?
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    Your school is using SAML for auth? It seems like you have a single-sign-on process. That’s going to complicate the login process.
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    @frankot we just started API’s in class. At this point I don’t even know where to start in trying to use the backend API’s. Hence my attempts at accessing the popup until I have the understanding to use the API’s
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    @ScriptCoded no idea. Security is next semester
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    this is a browser-speciffic popup. I strongly doubt you would have access to it. It usually appears after getting a 401 response to some request. It's a nice UX quirk simply telling you "uh-oh, you either forgot to pass Authorization header to the request ot the Authorization header had an expired value".

    Just sniff the Authorization header value after you enter your login info and re-POST the same request in your API consumer. Update the Authorization header value as needed.
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    @jester5537 Just like @SevenDeadlyBugs said, know how to send a header?
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    use the browser Devtools, and check what is passed to the server, and what the server responds with, on an error/sucessful login.
    Also - what are you trying to actually do here? avoid the browser pop up and then use the browser?, or automate something with an external tool?
    if the first... then give up, you are doing something very wrong.
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    I would get over that with PyAutoGUI.
    Not the most elegant solution but one that would solve the problem.
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    open the network tab
    try to login
    open the request
    check for params sent

    create a session in python
    run the same request
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    Have you opened developer tools and seen what it is posting?
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    You can do @username:password or something like that in the URL to bypass this pop-up. Look up HTTP basic auth.
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    Use the url https:// username : password @ website . net / page
    (without the spaces)
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    Last defcon there were lots of exploits for bb so just use one of those to login xD
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    It's generally username:pass@url as url
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    Luckyli my school's timetable provider offers this
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