Tech support: we need to install backup software on your laptops.
Devs: what for?
TS: to backup all your important files, like word docs, excels, etc.
Devs: we don't use those. everything is on git/confluence/etc
TS: my boss told me to install it everywhere, so I have to do it.
Devs: well just disable it. uses too much tam, disk time and such
TS: whatever.

So he installed it on each laptop separately, took half a day, then we just disabled it and proceeded with our tasks. Now we get a question every other week why nothing is being synced from our computers. "We paid for the system and we want you to use it".

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    Free consulting for your boss: important spreadsheets, docs, sensitive customer lists... Should not be local on each laptop for security, business continuity and disaster recovery reasons. They should be on a secure properly backed up network.
    Laptops can walk. Lose one sensitive file to the wrong people and you can become front page news for all the wrong reasons.
    Boss needs to enforce some new policies. What do you think?
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    @Jumpshot44 except we're devs. all documents are either in outlook or in confluence. Sure we download them to our laptops for easier handling, but if it's in the cloud anyway, why backup additionally? ;)
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    @kargaroth ok. so are they only installing backup sw for devs or the business as well? That is where those local docs, spreadsheets... can cause serious issues.
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    To be fair, I know if I lost my laptop I'd be pissed if I had to reconfigure my IDE and Outlook settings, plus any files committed to my local repo not yet pushed. Probably not worth the performance downgrade though
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    @Yankeesrule that's the thing. they don't backup any system settings..only docs, spreadsheets, image files and other stuff like that. That's what's stupid about that solution :D
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    Yes, we went through the same thing. Did the same thing. The only diff is that the performance of our individual machines was severely taxed. Worst/best part is that I told them from the beginning that we didn't want it in the dev machines.
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    Enable the sync s/w, Send hello word text files, disable sync s/w... everybody wins

    Probably going to be more work for you....*sigh*

    But honestly this is annoying...I did face this...till we silently rebelled and we no longer use such
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