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    I actually see a growing annoyance with our British teams contributing to a large existing code base. They use variable names like "BackColour" where "BackColor" is used in in existing code. It makes it easier to miss things when doing a code search.
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    Canada is also that spelling.
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    We always have those arguments in the team... almost daily even
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    As an Australian I can relate.
    I now always write "color" and people think I'm an idiot
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    As an American, I'm annoyed by it. It should be "foreground".
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    Yes it irritates a lot of us non-Americans
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    Color, colour, I doun't caure, although colour loouks weiurd tou meu.

    I'm only annoyed by inconsistencies.

    We could switch to front-flurp and back-flurp for all I care, as long as it's the same everywhere.

    Maybe we should ask W3C to switch HTML/CSS to use properties in Esperanto by default. Nice and regular.





    limo: 1px solida purpuro

    aperigi: fleksi

    aperigi: neniu

    That way, everyone would be equally annoyed and confused.
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    Phh betcha you all have never worked in a trilingual team where people flex on each other by putting variable and art names in other languages outside our usual Spanish/Portuguese/English mix.

    >why did you name the argument klasse? >Because class is a reserved word and using class_ looks ugly.
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    I use 'color' happily and just say I'm using the latin spelling.
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    I'm British and I don't mine color. However "initialize" boils my piss.
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    @LMagnus how the fuck do you spell initialize? 🤨

    I could google it, but I’m attempting social interaction
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    @LMagnus is it the z?
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    @monkeyboy yep. Same with organisation, containerisation etc
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    @LMagnus ahhhhh, doh. The z’s and s’s
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