A trusted-partner of my company obviously opened a dodgy email, as some of my co-workers got emails with a dodgy link from them....

So our Network Admin sent an email to the entire company with a screenshot of the email and a message along the lines of "DO NOT CLICK THE LINK IF YOU'VE RECEIVED THE ORIGINAL EMAIL!"

Company director REPLIES TO ALL and says 'i cant click the link that you sent to us'.
N.A replies directly to him to say its only a screenshot as it could spread a virus.

Director then informs N.A that that he has found the original mail (hurrah!) but the link downloaded an empty .zip file, so he forwarded the file to another director... who also couldn't open.... so they forwarded it to another person who also couldn't open it..... and they in turn forwarded it etc etc.

Currently have 37 power scans running (out of 250 computers) and trying to figure out how the hell these people manage to dress themselves every morning.

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    I'm beginning to think hackers are the result of stupid bosses and stupid PMs. Taking advantage of stupidity since day 0
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    I've always wondered how virus and malware gets around (unless they are hidden of course). Now I know.
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    I'm just gonna leave this here :)

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    @arekxv fantastic :'D
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    @arekxv the first panel made me wince
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    Our VP forwarded the email with link working to while company saying "don't click on the link in the email below as it's a virus". It was actually a link to a malware site that we quickly blocked in our firewall. Wonder how many opened it at home...
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    @tisaconundrum you sir are correct
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    We had this happen, I got the email and within seconds yelled out, "DONT OPEN THAT EMAIL." Then I went around the office so I could tell them to delete it.

    One guys says "I already clicked it, it didn't do anything."

    You've had the malware infected email for 15 seconds and you opened it, yet when I send actual real important emails like how to use the phones, no one reads the email.
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    @sylar182 man i can understand
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