Anyone else got numb/tingling feeling in your index and pinky finger?

It was fine during my holiday, came back and this again just after 2 days behind the desk...

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    It could be diabetes, low blood pressure, low oxygen in blood, restrained blood access or anything. See a doctor and don't ask the Internet
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    Check you workstation position, position in chair, keyboard/mouse positions. It could just be simple CTD from something that shifted.

    Sometimes my shoulder and neck hurts.
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    I googled the symptoms, you probably have cancer
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    @Sh4d0w Could have been worse, like super cancer or space AIDS.

    @OP Don't do like other users here and open yourself up. As @shoop said, go see a doctor.
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    @Jilano or space Aids with cancer
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    Maybe something about the ergonomic conditions at work or during commute? Physical activity should help; doctors probably do not if that's the only symptom and it's not severe.
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    I get occasional tingling and numbness. Usually it's just a warning to change my posture because my arms is upside down and triple left turned so my blood won't flow properly even if it's a very relaxing position.

    A while back my middle finger kept getting numb for no good reason. It lasted about two weeks and is now fine. Has been fine for months. It was probably a minor infection or something.
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    Might be carpal tunnel. Try a wrist brace.
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    When a layman thinks he needs a website and googles it, he gets GoDaddy, wix, website.com, etc.

    Go see a doctor.
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    stretch your wrists until you are not alive
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    @jesustricks "This is the way."
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    @shoop I'm not sure if reduced touch sense in a body part is related to blood flow. I think that you might think that because if you put pressure in certain places then after some time you will feel numbness in parts that are "below" this pressure point, but that is actually because you put pressure on nerves and they can't transfer information properly.

    I'm pretty sure you would feel pain from your dying fingers before numbness would come.
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    Thanks guys now I'm sure my hand will eventually fall off. Seriously though I'm going to see a doctor, I'm pretty sure it's a trapped nerve or something like that (hopefully not space CANCERAIDS).

    Workplace is also going to get me a wrist rest and evaluate my desk ergonomics and shit so that should solve it.

    I guess this is what you get when you work at a desk for 10 years
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    1. Yep, see doctor.
    2. In my very specific case it occurs due to occasional inflammation in the shoulder.
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    @kfalencik My wrists used to bother me. I started taking a multivitamin with B complex in it. This made it go away. I read something a while back that B6 or B12 is needed for the sheath that goes around the nerves. So lacking enough it can wear out or something.
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